Real State

Collaboration with Edan MF

Counting on a Remedy

Collaboration with Dom Williams


Collaboration with Koeone

All Roads are Long

Crayon Scrawls

Collaboration with Kid Crayon

Fixing a Hole in the Ocean

Slave Screams

Look Both Ways #1 & #2

Collaboration with Lee Ellis

Vitamin Sea Beach Hut

Vitimin Sea Postcards

Inside Your Soul

Erase the Facts

Flowing Like a River


Where Do We Go From Here

In Another Life

Close Your Dreary Eyes

Abstraction Connection/Obstruction

Collaboration with Matt Jones


Flowers for Friends

The Sky Accelerates

Minds are Locked Down (Out)

My Eyes are Fallen

This Silence is Getting Scary

Eternally Yours

Brick by Brick

Further into the Abyss

Anti Plastic


The Sunlight is a Villain

Twisting the Plot

Building Holes

Interlock and Engage

Way down inside

Deeper into the Forest

Double Up


Pyramid Scheme


Cut it Out Bigger

Peace Beneath the City

  Collaboration with Jody  

Bang Gang #2

Bang Gang #1

Quite Like You In The Spring

  Collaboration with Copyright  

Inside Out

  Collaboration with Niels de Jong

Boxed Hearts



12 Mini Prints in 12 Months of 2018

Miniature Cut Up

Cut Up


Take a Slice


No One

Collaborative hand finished screen print with Copyright

Lick of Love

Customised Lunartik DIY Big Licker toy

City Hall




Infinitely Cubed


Endless Waiting


Seeing Green


Catch A Breeze



Triangular Distribution

Feed Me Seymour


Falling Down

Ping Pong Gone Wrong


Three Evils

Absinthe Party

Into The Forest


Out Of The Bat Cave


Diamond Cutter

The Days Before Fiction

Brick Chasm

Key To Forever

Minds are Locked Down

Into The Abyss


Infinite Arms

Deep Down Inside

Cross Hatch #1

Cross Hatch #2


Split Wood

Anne Arbour

Drawn in Bristol Bird Box

Lets Get Lost

Throwing Shapes

When We Escape

Dissection Cubed #1

Dissection Cubed #2

Dissection Cubed #3